Industrial Oxygen Generators

OxyPure Oxygen generators

NOVAIR introduces OXYPURE, an on-site production solution based on the PSA process, an advanced technology that has proved high efficiency for many years.

Forget heavy cylinders to handle or liquid oxygen to store in large quantity, involving high costs and large logistic constraints & supply chain failure risks : OxyPure is the most efficient and economical solution to access an unlimited and on-site oxygen supply.

Pioneeer company in the design and manufacture of on site oxygen generators, NOVAIR can respond to the most demanding industrial specifications.

Standard Features

  • Plug & play solutions
  • Fully automatic process
  • Stable outlet gas purity
  • Highly competitive production cost
  • Open ended concept with one or several interconnected lines
  • PLC based control and monitoring with high definition color touch screen panel
  • Ergonomic design for an easy and limited maintenance
  • Reliable, tested and controlled components for a long lasting performance.
  • Low energy consumption thanks to a high efficiency molecular sieve

Optional Features

  • Air compressor, air dryer, air tank
  • Cylinder filling system
  • Gas booster
  • Gas analyzers
  • Flow meter
  • Remote monitoring, 24H/7
  • Rental/maintenance solutions
  • Flexible design for indoors or outdoors uses: mounting on skid or container

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